JC Stories

“Wow!!! where do I begin… I started falling in love with Joyous when my brother bought me the Joyous Celebration 11 DVD as a birthday present. After that, I couldn’t live without my Joyous Celebration. I really thank God for using Joyous Celebration to touch and convict peoples lives. After all, it’s all about Jesus. Joyous Celebration, keep on evangelizing through your music, it’s working!!!!!!! Be Blessed” – Noma Vuba

“I have been a fan since I was a little boy. You  guys are the reason I go to church every Sunday, you are so inspiring. You  are the reason I sing siliwelile ijodana, and wish I was there singing along with all of you. Keep up the good work big love.” – Sboniso Mbambo

“The JC Team has been a blessing to me and every song is just a blessing. Indeed music is a universal language, we can worship God in different languages and as much I may not understand the language, I feel blessed. Your Music is a great companion when I am in the office, on the road and at home, singing and dancing along with my little son. One of Our dreams is to attend one of the Live Recordings some day, may be JC 23 but definitely before JC 30. For now I need to get a collection of all JC albums from JC 1 to 20 for my family library. May God bless you and uplift you to continue ministering. Very saddened by the passing on of Lihle. May God continue comforting the family and the JC fraternity.” – Amos


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