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The Freedom Tour

The countdown has begun for the Joyous Celebration 9… ‘The Freedom Tour’…Celebrating our 10 Years of Democracy

This 5-Star inspirational music extravaganza is proudly brought to you by National Ports Authority, Sony Music, Sowetan, Ukhozi FM, Department of Transport KZN and the Zulu Kingdom.

This Easter Weekend Special also coincides with the launch of the "Joyous Celebration 8" album, which will be known as ''To Be Free''. The theme of the group is "Celebrating 10 Years of Freedom".
It will be available at selected music stores around the country.

"It seems like yesterday that Jabu, Mthunzi and I came up with the idea of putting together a gospel group to celebrate God's love and the new South Africa," comments Lindelani Mkhize, Joyous' musical director and conductor.

This year, during South Africa's 10th year celebrations, the South African Embassy in the United Kingdom has invited the group to showcase their talents on an international stage and perform in the UK for the first time since its inception eight years ago.

Arguably, one of South Africa’s most-beloved gospel outfits, Joyous Celebration has been belting out their uplifting and inspirational hymns for an incredible eight years now.

A 34 member choir, accompanied by an 8 piece band and a 8 person dance troupe, comprised of some of the finest young, raw talent our country has to offer, and produced by the music industry’s most respected personalities – this is Joyous Celebration.


In continuing with the Joyous Celebration legacy of unearthing, developing and show casing talented musicians, the 2004 cast will comprise of a fresh new line-up of vocalists, selected from auditions in Durban and Johannesburg earlier this year, as well as some of the extraordinary cast members from the 2003 tour.

Founding member, Lindelani Mkhize says “When Mthunzi Namba, Jabu Hlongwane and I started Joyous Celebration, we wanted to create a group that would uplift the nation and reflect our country’s inspirational transition – eight years later, we’re still amazed at the outpouring of support we get from audiences and young artists who audition every year”
He continues to say ''Joyous Celebration is an ambitious group which is a
launching pad for many unknown but talented youngsters. ''We want people who are involved in the project to understand the vision, so that even if we are not involved anymore, they can take it forward.''

“Joyous Celebration is a concept that promotes and celebrates what is best about our nation” comments Lunga Mangcu, Corporate Affairs Manager at the National Ports Authority “Gospel music has been a fortifying and uplifting  force in our musical culture for decades. The National Ports Authority is proud to support an initiative that thrives on new talent and spreads an uplifting message through the nation, as our corporate responsibility programme is largely about developing and growing our local talent. ”

Some of the respected musicians and the industry's most respected personalities who have taken part in Joyous Celebration, include the likes of jazz diva Sibongile Khumalo.
Joyous also helped to launch the career of her son Tshepo Mngoma who plays the violin in the group. He was involved in the group while still studying.


Joyous Celebration launched the careers of other top South African performers, while others are now making it in different productions all over the world, with others being involved on TV and some on stage.
These were ambitious youngsters with raw voices, who have since taken the showbiz and gospel world by storm!


Graduates of the Joyous Celebration crew have certainly done the group proud – Brian Makiwane, Siyabulela Mkefa and Siziwe Ngema are now a part of the world renowned Lion King musical and Umoja, respectively, while vocalist Margaret Motsage, multi-instrumentalist and producer  Concord Nkabinde, Innocent Modiba, singer Nokukhanya Dlamini, guitarist Ernie Smith (winner of Sama Award), and top female singers Vicky Vilakazi and Swazi Dlamini have also been part of Joyous Celebration success and continue to soar in their solo careers

Pastor Benjamin Dube has also been part of Joyous Celebration, while Sharon Dee, who went on to stay in the UK, and released a solo album, also launched her career at Joyous Celebration.
Sabata Masoka, who released his debut solo album, is one of the artists who were unknown before joining Joyous Celebration, but today he is making a name for himself.
Another unknown singer is Maduvha Madima, who started her career in Joyous, then toured overseas with another production.
She then featured in the TV drama "Gaz'lam II", where she became a darling
to South African viewers, only to take her career to another level when she
became the lead singer for multi-award winning group Mafikizolo while Nhlanhla Mafu was on martenity leave.

Other graduates are Ntokozo Masinga, while gospel star Vuyo Mokoena, who
has endured himself since joining the group, shows with each performance
that he is a star in his own right.

The late Wendy Mseleku and the youngest gospel sensation Ntokozo Mbambo, were discovered by the group. Mbambo was discovered when she was only 14, in 2001.

Even gospel queen Rebecca Malope was featured in the seventh edition of Joyous Celebration which was held in Christmas of 2003.

Continuing with their winning streak, the multi-awarded group walked away with a South African Music Award last year for the Best Contemporary Gospel Album, having been nominated in that, and the Best Engineer categories.


And true to tradition, R 25 000 – 00 will be handed over to local charities focusing on infants and children








                        Oh Holy Spirit we welcome you today

                        Fill us with your presence

                        As we give you the praise

                        Lord we are your temple for you alone we wait

                        Holy Spirit welcome in this place

                        Holy Spirit come and take your place                 (x2)


                        Yeah, Lord fill us Jesus

                        We cannot make it on our own oh Lord

                        And Jesus hallelujah to your name yeah

                        Spirit of God yeah oh

                        Take your rightful place


                        Lord God fill us today

                        As we give you the praise

                        Oh Lord we are your people

                        And we stand on your word

                        Holy Spirit yes we stand in your word Jesus

                        We welcome the Spirit oh Holy Spirit yeah

                        We welcome you, fill us today, today

                        Oh yes we don't need nobody else

                        We are , we are your people

                        Lord we don't have a doubt

                        About the Spirit that gives us power

                        Lord we welcome you to take your place

                        Hallelujah Holy Spirit

                        Oh Holy Spirit hallelujah we welcome you

                        Holy Spirit come and take your place

                        Yes we welcome you Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy

                        Yeah!yes we welcome

                        We welcome you yeah, we welcome you Lord

                        (Father we welcome you)

                        Spirit of the living God

                        That gives us power and oh Lord

                        We want you

                        Create us to be Jesus

                        You stand Holy alone

                        Why don't you give us power?

                        And walk in your real love.


                        Jesus you're in my God yes

                        You've been there before I was

                        You created the heaven and set it high

                        Create in me; put your Spirit in me

                        And you say I should walk Lord

                        Lord your Spirit is alive, Lord

                        It does things that no man can do

                        Lord it raise the dead, Lord it heals the sick

                        I'm healed, I'm saved, I'm healed, I’m save and I'm healed

                        Yeah Jesus you are the everlasting God

                        Holy Spirit you are here

                        And we worship you

                        And you alone

Lord you are our helper

Our helper Jesus

Father we welcome you

Oh Lord








                        Ngcwele ngcwele uyiNgcwele

                        Thixo namandla

                        AmaZulu ayahlokoma

                        Athi uyingcwele                                     (x2)


                        Hosana hosana

                        Bayede bayede

                        Wen'uyiNkosi                                        (x2)


                        Thando thando unothando

                        Nkosi enomusa

                        Zonk'izizwe ziyakhothoma

                        Zithi wena uyiNkosi




                        Jehovah Jireh you're my provider

                        Jehovah Rapha you're my healer            (x2)


                        Jehovah Nisi, Jehovah Rohi

                        Jehovah Jireh my peace

                        Elohim, Elshadai, Alanai

                        You are my King                                   (x2)



















TITLE:  3          YOUR GRACE


SINGERS:        Ntomb’futhi Nala, Nondumiso Ngema, Ntombizodwa Mahlangu


                        It's been your mercy and

                        It's been your grace

                        That has kept me to this very day

                        I could have been dead and

                        Sleeping in my grave

                        But oh Lord oh Lord

                        It was your grace                                   (x2)


                        Bengilahlekile ngisebumyameni

                        Usizi nezinyembezi njalo nje

                        Ithemba lami likuwe

                        Izono zami zithethelelwe




                        Inceba yakho Thixo yandincela

                        Impilo yami iphela nya

                        Kodwa igazi lukaJesu langikhulula

                        O Thixo wam ndiyabulela





                        It was your grace, it was your grace oh Lord

                        Oh it was your grace that brought me this far

                        It was your grace

                        That's why I'm here today

                        It was your grace; I said it's your grace

                        When I'm weak I'm strong because of your grace

                        I'm saved oh Lord it was your grace

                        Oh Lord that was brought me this far
























SINGER:           S’bongiseni Mbhele


                        There are storms in my life

                        Are raging and it's not easy

                        And the weight of this world

                        Drives me to my knees

                        I'm so glad that I'm saved

                        And I'm sure I feel so secured

                        Cos’ I found a hiding place is in God


                        Oh you know that I'm leaning on Jesus

                        He is the only answer to my every need

                        He'll never leave me, nor forsake, nor deceive me

                        Cos’ I'm so glad that I found,

                        I found a hiding place and is in God


                        I found a hiding place

                        I found a hiding place

                        From storms, the rains, hurt and pain

                        When the bellows and when they roar

                        Troubles swifts over my soul

                        I found a hiding place                            (x2)


                        Storm, the rains, yes and pain

                        When the bellows, when they roar

                        Troubles swifts over my soul

                        Lean on Jesus

                        Oh Jesus trust in Him

                        He supplies all my needs

                        He's my hiding place                             (x2)


                        I found a hiding place

                        I found Jesus I found him

                        He’s my everything

                        He's my hiding place

                        Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

                        He's my hiding place


                        I'm so glad that I found

                        No matter what the devil say

                        I'm so glad that my life is in Jesus

                        And I found, I found, I found

                        A hiding place of place is in God

                        (Is in God)












TITLE:  5          KASOZE


SINGER:           Nqubeko Mbatha


                        Sinqobile ngenxa yokwazi

                        Igama lakho

                        Sihlanziwe ngegazi lakho

                        Sihamba ekukhanyeni kwezwi lakho

                        Siqonde ekhaya eZulwini


                        Ngizomnika uqobo wam

                        Ngeke ngogodle lutho

                        Izono zami ebengizenzile

                        Zingaphansi kwegazi lakhe

                        Phansi kwegazi lakhe


                        Asoze angishiye ngingedwa

                        Umhlobo nguJesu

                        Kasoze ahambe

                        Ngihleli ngazi unami

                        Ngazo zonk' izinsuku

                        Umelusi wami ukhona


                        Sibinile ubuhle bakho

                        Sibonile ubuhle bakho

                        Sibonile inkazimulo yakho emhlabeni

                        Siyabonga ngegazi lakho

                        Siyabonga ngokusithumela unyan wakho




                        Ngoba ngiyazi ukuthi

                        Umelusi wami ukhon'ungenzela okuhle

                        Mina ngiyazi ukuthi akasoze ahambe

                        Uhlalekhona njalo






















TITLE:  6          NDAZA


SINGER:           Bukiwe Twani


                        Ndaza emva koko ndeva

                        Sanga sisandi esikhulu

                        Sesihlwele emazulwini

                        Oh ndaza mna emava koko

                        Ndeva isanga sisanda esikhulu

                        Sesihlwele esikhulu emazulwini

                        Sisithi haleluya

                        Usindiso nozuko

                        Nembeko namandla

                        Ngawe Nkosi uThixo wethu                     (x2)


                        Awa amadoda amakhulu

                        Angamashumi amabili

                        Ona amane nezinto eziphilileyo zonke


                        Zisithi udumo kuwe

                        Angamashumi amabili

                        Ona amane nezinto eziphilileyo zonke

                        Zimele zikunike uzuko

                        Nembeko namandla

                        Ngawakho somandla




                        Zisithi haleluya uzuko kuwe

                        Haleluya siyakudumisa

                        Ufanelwe ukuthandazwa

                        Kufanelwe kuqutshudwe kuwe

                        Abantu bonke mabakwazi

                        Abantu bonke mabakwazi

                        Ngithi ngawakho Somandla nagwakho

                        Zisithi izithunywa kuye haleluya


                        Sikunika amandla wonke

                        Sikunika udumo lonke

                        Sithi bayede kuwe Somandla

                        Imbeko yonke ikufanele

                        Namandla ngawakho

                        Ngawakho Nkosi, nagwakho Nkosi


                        Ziqubuda kuye uThixo

                        Ohleliyo phezu kwethole

                        Zisithi amen amen

                        (Amen. amen, amen, amen ,haleluya)

                        Zisithi haleluya haleluya

                        Zisithi amen amen amen haleluya

                        Oh ufanelwe ukudunyiswa

                        Ufanelwe ukubongwa

                        Ufanelwe ukuthandazwa

                        Baba ukungcweliswa kungokwakho


Ufanelwe konko                                     (x2)

                        Zisithi haleluya siyabonga

                        Uthando olwakho unalo Somandla

                        Uthando lonke lwakho

                        Alufani nolwabantu

                        Olwabantu luyaphela

                        Olwakho wabethelwa ngalo onqamlezweni

                        Haleluya wabethelwa emthini wohlaza

                        Ngenxa yethu ungenatyala

                        Kungani ngingakubongi Somandla

                        Kungani ngingathi haleluya bo                (x2)

                        Oh haleluya zisithi amen amen

                        Amen haleluya

                        Zasho zonke izingelosi

                        Udumo kuwe amen amen







SINGER:           Tshepo Tsola


                        There is a land so sweet and free

                        And all the joy will soon be mine

                        There is a shining light so bright

                        There is no dying over there


                        Oh Beulah land, sweet Beulah land

                        Upon thy heights I long to stand

                        And view the radiant jaspers

                        And mansions there prepared for me

                        And find all that eternal joy

                        My heaven my home forever more         (x2)


                        Ha le mpotsa tshepo ya ka

                        Ke tla re ke Jeso

                        Ke lapetse ho mo aka

                        Ha hae ke ha eso


                        Le reng, ke boneng ho yena?

                        Ke bone phomolo

                        Thabo e leng ho Morena

                        Ha e na phetoho.




                        Ilizwe laseKhenana

                        Liyakuma entabeni

                        Lithandaze ngaphesheya

                        Lapho indlu yam’ ikhona

                        Ngiyabona eZulwini

                        Ikhaya lami laphakade

                        Ikhaya lami laphakade                            (Repeat)





SINGER:           Ntombifuthi Nala


                        What a mighty God

                        He's a mighty God we serve                  (Repeat)



                        What a mighty God we serve                 (x2)

                        The angels bow before him

                        Heaven and earth adore him

                        What a mighty God we serve


                        Uphakeme kakhulu                                 (x2)

                        Zonkizingelosi zikhothama kuwe

                        Uphakeme kakhulu


                        Oh the angels sing

                        Heaven and earth sing

                        Lift your voices, he's a mighty God


                        CHORUS                                              (x2)


                        Oh yes we serve a mighty God

                        Say yes (Yes)

                        What a mighty God

                        (We serve)

                        What a mighty God

                        (We serve)




                        The angel bow before him

                        Heaven and earth adore him

                        What a mighty God we serve


























                        Uthando lukababa

                        Lunjengolwandle bo

                        Lubanzi lujulile

                        Luazeka yini bo                                     (x2)


                        Lwafinyelela kimi

                        Ngisezonweni zami

                        Alwaze lwangedlula

                        Lwangisindisa nami


CHORUS:         Oh baba ngiyabonga

                        Nangenhlizoyo yami

                        Sengiyavuma ngithi

                        Ungumsindisi wami


                        Ngizokwethemba njalo


                        Ngizokukhonza futhi

                        Ngothando enhlizweni


































TITLE:   12         ELOYI




CHORUS          Eloyi elamasabakathani

                        Eloyi Eloyi sabakathani

                        Oh Thixo wami

                        Thixo wami ungishiyelani na?


                        Wayelenga wayelenga

                        Khon 'esiphambanweni                          (x2)









CHORUS          Modimo o re file

                        Sebakanyana se

                        Le mo tsotso nyana wo


                        Thabang Moreneng

                        Nnako e sa le teng

                        Mo tsotsonyana wona

                        Se bakanyana sena









                        UyiNkosi yeZulu, upahkeme kakhulu

                        Ngizolibonga (Ngizolibonga)                  (x2)

                        Elakho igama


                        Awu limnandi lingcwele

                        Enhlizweni lingcwele

                        Ngizolibonga (Ngizolibonga)


                        Wazithobisa wena

                        Wehla waba yimvana

                        Ngizolibonga Nkosi yami

                        Elakho igama                                        (...till fade)










TITLE:  15         GET UP




                        Get up (get up)

                        Get up (get up)

                        Get up (get up)

                        Get up (get up)

                        If you're on the Lord's side

                        I won't sit down,

                        Get up; stand up                                   (x2)

                        If you're on the Lord's side

                        If, if, if, if, get, get, get up down up not down

                        I'm getting up

                        I won't sit down



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