Joyous Cares at Work

In an effort to help and serve the people that have supported Joyous Celebration in their musical endeavours, the platform is committed and dedicated to giving back to the community by assisting charities in South Africa.

With the Joyous Cares outreach programme, they hope to create a spirit of giving that aims to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Joyous believes in the ethos of community, especially since it is an integral part of the Bible.

The Joyous Cares programme caters to homes, schools and orphanages that lack resources or infrastructure to attend to the immediate needs of people who are often neglected.

Joyous hopes that their fans can join in their mission to improve the lives of the less fortunate by donating items such as clothes, food or material goods.

Anything as small as toilet paper, baby products, school supplies, bags and dental products are common things that are essentials that anyone can donate.

Joyous invites people who wish to be a part of this endeavour to contact . Your help is appreciated.

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