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Jabu Hlongwane

Early Life

An impresario in every sense of the word, Jabu Hlongwane’s career has encompassed the role of concert designer, producer, artist, arranger, record company executive and entrepreneur. Born in 1961 in the small township of Dlamini in Soweto, Hlongwane is one of seven children and was raised in a religious household.

He spent his formative years in Soweto before moving to KwaZulu-Natal with his family where he finished schooling at Amangwe High School.

Hlongwane’s affinity for music started in high school where he was an active member of the school choir.

This love for music extended beyond the school grounds as he learned how to play the guitar and formed a trio with his younger brother and sister, as the family settled in KwaZulu-Natal.

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Mthunzi Namba

Early Life

Mthunzi Namba is one of South Africa’s most prolific producers. Born in Kwa Mashu, a township  in Durban, where he was raised in a musical family.

His older brother was a music professor and as a young boy, Namba participated in several drama activities and performances in and around Durban.

Namba met Jabu and Lindelani during concerts held around Durban and they formed a friendship that grew to what it is today.

After matriculating, Namba went to the University of Zululand to study music, majoring in piano, voice and composition.  

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Lindelani Mkhize


Lindelani Mkhize is a titan in South Africa’s music industry.

Hailed as the, “father of entertainment”, Mkhize is widely known for his pioneering work in the jazz, afro-pop, kwaito and gospel music.

He has been hailed as the leading man of the entertainment industry and is credited for the success of many South African artists across different genres

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